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Sled Dogs Killed Because of Slow Business

Sled Dogs Killed Because of Slow Business A shocking report by the Associated Press claims that 100 or more sled dogs in Canada were shot and had their throats slit because of a slowdown in tourism. The British Columbia Society Prevention Cruelty to Animals reported that a company called Outdoor Adventures Whistler expected more dog-sledding business in a post-Olympics tourism ... Read More »

Senators To DOT: Revise Airplane Related Animal Death Policy

When James Hough’s pet puppy, Iagan, died on Delta flight #125 from Brussels to Atlanta in February, he was devastated. But not paralyzed. He confronted Delta, which initially offered him $1,800 in compensation. But Hough wanted answers, not money, so he persisted in trying to determine just how his dog died. He asked to see the original crate Iagan was ... Read More »

When Puppies Die on Planes


Puppy Deaths On Plane Are Unacceptable The death of seven puppies last year on an American Airline flight from Tulsa to Chicago broke the hearts of pet owners everywhere, and once again raised the issue of pet owner and airline responsibilities. We covered the danger of transporting pets, especially short-muzzle dogs in this space a while ago, but the deaths ... Read More »

Dogs Die In Planes

From NMT Images Dogs Die On Airline Flights A couple of things surprised me in the just-released AP/USA Travel Department of Transportation (DOT) report that 122 dogs died on airplanes since May 2005. I was surprised that DOT only required reporting the death of dogs in transport since 2005. What took them so long? Did dog deaths not matter much? ... Read More »

Travel Fees Make Pet Owners Dishonest

From Blogger Pictures Airline Fees Make Pet Owners Dishonest Nothing gets the ire up of travelers more than when their beloved pets are subject to unfair treatment… and fees by the hospitality industry are considered callous indeed. Which is why Robin Boggs, an Atlanta consultant, jams her pet Chihuahua in her carry on bag rather than pay the pet fee. ... Read More »

Pet Airways Welcomes Pawsengers

by kaleel sakakeeny Well, it’s an idea whose time has probably come, or an idea Entrepreneur magazine thinks has come! From Kaleel ftp etc When Alysa Binder and her husband, Dan Wiesel, loaded their pet Jack Russell terrier,Zoe, into a plane’s cargo hold, the poor dog emerged traumatized. “She came out and just wasn’t herself,” Wiesel said. So the couple ... Read More »

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