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“B&B Kick Gas” Campaign Drives More Visitors to B&Bs


“B&B Kick Gas” Campaign Drives More Visitors to B&Bs After paying $4.45 a gallon for gas in Connecticut, the idea of $6/gallon prices before the end of the summer seems more probable than possible, recent slight trends downward not withstanding. And this, according to Marti Mayne, B&B marketing guru, is making travelers very anxious about their summer vacation plans. Mayne ... Read More »

LivingSocial Adds Hotels and Dealradar Delivers Deals


LivingSocial Adds Hotels and Dealradar Delivers Deals Not so long ago, the new, travel “catch term” in a struggling travel economy was the “staycation”. The idea that people could really vacation in their own back yards, getting to know, appreciate and experience their own neighborhoods was novel, and widely accepted. It made sense. Many of us don’t really know our ... Read More »

Penalizing the Single Traveler

From Kaleel ftp etc The math is simple but deceptive If a hotel room cost two hundred bucks, that’s a hundred bucks per person, because hotels assume two people are sharing the room. But if you’re not a couple and are traveling alone, you’re still paying $200.00, which amounts to a penalty for single travelers since they’re paying a two ... Read More »

“Bad Economy = Great Hotel Discounts”

Well, the good news about hotel bookings is that the numbers are tumbling so fast, the hotel deals are increasing. But first, never pay the Rack Rate, and never hesitate to make a deal. The desk clerk may baulk, so ask for the manager and explain your budget constraints. I bet you’ll get an on-the-spot discounted rate. In the meantime: ... Read More »

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