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Snapshot: Egypt, Tourism and Islam Today


Snapshot: Egypt, Tourism and Islam Today In spite of the apparent calm in Egypt after the historic “overthrow” of the Mubarak regime, travel, a major source of income for the country, has not recovered. While some cruise lines have reinstated Egypt as a port of call, travel to the North African country is stagnant. Veteran Travel Weekly reporter, Nadine Goodwin ... Read More »

When Will We See The Pyramids Again?

When Will We See The Pyramids Again? The questions as to when travel to Egypt will resume, and Egyptian itineraries re-established are big ones among the decision makers in the US travel and tourism industry, and are being discussed daily. 
 The United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), a large group of tour operators who managed to pull their clients ... Read More »

Tourism to Egypt Snapshot

Tourism to Egypt Snapshot Call it the Digital Revolution become Political. The “Jasmine Revolution” that ousted Tunisian ruler Zine Ben Ali spread with uncanny speed to Tahrir Square, the heart and soul of Cairo and thus Egypt. Having covered the region for various news outlets, there is no question in my mind or in the minds of most observers that ... Read More »

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