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Selling the “Polygamy Tour”


Selling the “Polygamy Tour” And why would we be surprised? We have Medical Tours where travelers combine a few days in a luxury hotel and first class beaches in Thailand, while getting a hip replaced or heart by-pass surgery. Then we saw Fertility Tours where women travel to Cyprus and beyond to sell their eggs for big bucks, and see ... Read More »

Arizona Immigration Bill Cripples Tourism. Other States Fearful

Arizona’s Immigration Law Hits Tourism Hard The last thing in the world Nevada and Las Vegas need now is an Arizona-type immigration bill. If the “sin” doesn’t undo sin city, the proposed Arizona-like immigration bill might. Speaking to Travel Weekly, the travel trade publication, Rossi Ralenkotter, CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority lamented that Arizona lost about ... Read More »

Mini Bar Gets Sexy

Intimacy Kits Travel has gotten sexier, and we mean that literally. The hotel mini bar is not what it used to be. Some Hotels in New York, Arizona and elsewhere now stock their mini bars with condoms, cinnamon mints, scented cloths, and even personal lubricants and feather ticklers. No, these are not your parents’ hotels. Maybe we can understand pleasure ... Read More »

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