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The Cross, The Crescent and The Sounds of Andalusia, Spain


5_Audi___Spain Audio Travel Postcard: Andalusia, Spain   Please click the player above to travel to Andalusia via the Sounds of Spain This Spain Audio and Video Postcard takes travelers on a trip to Andalusia, Spain, to  Grenada and Seville, among the country’s most authentic cites The Postcards are a unique video travel experience, taking viewers through the exciting cities of ... Read More »

Andalusia, Spain: Audio PostCard

Andalusia, Spain, or in the Arabic, Al Andalus, owes so much of its culture and tradition, even its language to the Moors, Arabs from North Africa who lived and enlightened this part of Europe for years. Listen to the 1-Minute Audio PostCard on Andalusia by clicking the player above. pr see the 1 minute Travel Video PostCard Read More »

Andalusia: The Cross and The Crescent

When Europe was groping its way through the Dark Ages, 10th century Islamic Spain, Andalusia, was considered the jewel of the world. Christianity and Judaism mixed easily with Islam, and no where else in Europe were the arts and sciences as brilliant as they were in Cordova, the capital of Andalusia in southern Spain The land is arid, but the ... Read More »

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