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When Did Travelers Become Transumers?

When Did Travelers Become Transumers? Get comfortable with the term “Transumer,” because you’ll be hearing it often. Correspondent Charlene Rook uses it in her informative articles in Sparksheet to refer to the flow of goods and services by savvy hospitality and travel marketers that follow a traveler wherever he or she may be in the travel cycle. In other words, ... Read More »

Mixing the Business Trip With The Family Vacation

Mixing the Business Trip With The Family Vacation The road warrior, the business traveler represents a huge 50% or more of a hotel’s revenue, so the report just out in Travel Leaders was good news.. The 2011 business travel survey suggested that 76% of business-focused travel agents are predicting their booking will match or exceed bookings for 2010, and while ... Read More »

@bostonlogan: Way To Go With Twitter


@bostonlogan: Way To Go With Twitter It’s unlikely the Boston Red Sox will make first place this year, but the city’s airport has. Complex, maddening to navigate, and a traffic nightmare, Boston’s Logan International Airport can at least brag that it has more followers (4000) on Twitter than any other major airport in the country, and is second only to ... Read More »

Guns ‘n Airports: What Is Georgia Thinking?

From From Kaleel Guns ‘n Airports: What is Georgia Thinking? Last month Georgia lawmakers decided it would allow guns to be carried in those parts of the the state’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, not expressly controlled by the Federal government. The airport is one of the worlds busiest. While Georgia Governor Sonny Perdu has not yet signed the bill into law, ... Read More »

Happy Airports Make Money

From Blogger Pictures Happy Airports Make More Money It’s basic economics: happy airport customers spend more money in the airport’s retail shops than do unhappy ones. In fact, global marketing and information giant J.D. Power and Associates says happy passengers spend an average of $20.55 on airport retail purchases, or 45 percent more than the grumpy ones, who spend only ... Read More »

Dumping The 3-1-1-Rule

From Blogger Pictures It’s not official, and the Transportation Security Administration is tight-lipped, but practically speaking, the unpopular and probably very ineffective 3-1-1 flight rule (no gels, aerosols or liquid) is all but dead. 3-1-1 limited passengers’ rights to carry any kind of liquid on a plane to a 3.4 ounce bottle, in a 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-lock bag, ... Read More »

Does Travel Insurance Cover the Volcano Travel Snafus?

From Blogger Pictures No sooner do we do a piece on Travel Insurance, and a volcano blows, stranding thousands of people and ruining hundreds of vacations. But don’t worry, you read our post, bought insurance and you’re covered. Well, it seems that your claim could be denied, depending on whom you bought the insurance from and whether the company views ... Read More »

Making Airports Comfortable: Possible??

How to Make Airports Better Places Delays, lost luggage, security fears, giving yourself plenty of time before the plane takes off…traveling through an airport is no picnic these days. But to their credit, some airports have devised ways to make it easier to spend time there. Philadelphia International Airport even has a new special parking area where people can wait ... Read More »

Car Rental Rip Offs!

From Kaleel ftp etc Few things are more vexing than getting your car rental bill which is almost always more than what you thought it would be. In fact, travel giant Travelocity calculates that the average car renter pays some 24% more than they intended when they rent at a major US airport The biggest offender seems to be the ... Read More »

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