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When Did Travel Become a Commodity?

When did travel become a commodity and not an experience

When Did Travel Become a Commodity? When did it stop being an experience and more of a package, a deal, a search result? Travel has turned into an obsession for the cheapest airfare, cheapest hotel room and pretty much the lowest, cheapest  cost for anything and every thing related to travel. Wasn’t so long ago that airlines, the most “commodified” ... Read More »

Flight Attendants Get No Respect. But Can They Do Their Jobs?


Flight Attendants Get No Respect.  But Can They Do Their Jobs? Wanted: Someone to push heavy carts along a narrow aisle dispensing drinks, cookies and conversation, with a smile. Applicant must be able to evacuate a plane, determine, behind closed curtains, what passengers are most likely to help in an emergency and wonder about the little girl flying alone, sitting ... Read More »

Travel, or Refrigerators and Stoves?


Travel, or Refrigerators and  Stoves So, it was an easy chat with a friend who knew I had something to do with the travel biz. He knew I traveled. He knew I produced content (videos, Audio PostCards, travel news reports, trends) for our own site, New Media Travel,  Technorati Travel,  Tripatini, and others. But he was fixated on the actual ... Read More »

Airlines Peg Ticket Prices to Passenger Profiles. Pay more?


Airline Plan Uses Social Media to Personalize, Customize Ticket Prices Will buying an airline ticket soon be as personalized as buying a suit from a sales person? Probably, as trends go. It’s no surprise that airlines want to personalize their relationships to their customers. If they can figure out how, it would be a huge step toward making the ticket-buying ... Read More »

Don’t Fly With People You Don’t Like


SeatId: Don’t Fly With People You Don’t Like? It’s an axiom among those of us who fly: You never know whom you’ll be sitting next to. Could be a fascinating character from some terrific movie, your next love or, more likely, someone you really, badly want to get away from. New Media Travel reported on the idea of “Social Seating ... Read More »

American and US Airways Agree to Create World’s Biggest Airline


American and US Airways Create World’s Biggest Airline Well, it was bound to happen in this time of consolidation, or, more accurately, the “merge or die” aviation business climate, the seventh merger since 2005. With the announcement of the marriage between American Airlines and US Airways, 80% of all flights will now be controlled by four major carriers: the new ... Read More »

Wi-Fi, Yes. Talking to Co-Passengers, No


Wi-Fi, Yes. Talking to Co-Passengers,  No And we told you so. In a New Media Travel article we discussed the low to-no threat that cell phones pose to navigation, and why some many airlines like Emirates are permitting cell phone use in flight. US-based airlines don’t. But we also said most passengers don’t actually want to talk in the air. ... Read More »

Are Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity Becoming Extinct?


Are Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity Becoming Extinct? With Priceline’s recent purchase of price comparison engine, Kayak, for $1.8 billion in a cash-and-stock deal, the question,  will Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline  and Travelocity be around in five years, could either be exceptionally relevant or exceptionally irrelevant. But it’s a fascinating question, and  was bold enough to ask it. Their disclaimer was ... Read More »

Why Airline Food Really Is Bad (1-min Audio PostCard)


AIRLINE2 1 Please click the Audio Player above to hear why Airline Food Really Does Taste Bad Text Version Is it actually the food the airlines serve (when they do) that tastes so bad, or is it the flying experience make the food taste so awful? Wired Magazine reported that a handful of brave volunteers made “the ultimate sacrifice for ... Read More »

Note to Airlines: Skip the Passengers, Just Fly the Bags


Note to Airlines: Skip the Passengers, Just Fly the Bags Absurd as it may seem, it’s very possible the airlines are making more money on the persistent and aggressive fees they’re charging than on ticket sales. A report from the Department of Transportation  reveals that in 2010, the airlines raked in a whopping 5.7 billion dollars in checked bag and ... Read More »

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