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When Will We See The Pyramids Again?

When Will We See The Pyramids Again? The questions as to when travel to Egypt will resume, and Egyptian itineraries re-established are big ones among the decision makers in the US travel and tourism industry, and are being discussed daily. 
 The United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), a large group of tour operators who managed to pull their clients ... Read More »

Going, Going, Gone! Bidding Luxury Vacations for a Buck

From From Kaleel Going, Going, Gone! Bidding Luxury Vacations for a Buck You won’t hear the auctioneer’s gavel drop, but if your winning bid is accepted, you could find yourself in luxury holiday digs in the US, Europe, Morocco, or wherever luxury properties are found and coveted. Winning bid? One dollar. And you won’t even know where the place is ... Read More »

A long Tunisian Love Affair

A Tunisian Love Affair From Kaleel ftp etc Certain trips tease the heart with a promise of love. The sensation doesn’t come from the obviously beautiful like the Swiss Alps, or the awe-inspiring like St. Peter’s Basilica or the Louvre. But rather from an intangible “sense of place.” Out of her deep blue skies, impossibly translucent light and the medley ... Read More »

Souks of Morocco

“Play it for me, Sam. For old time’s sake.” “Play it, Sam. Play ‘As Time Goes By.’” From the movie, Casablanca Rick’s Cafe Amercain, exists only in the movies, but you’ll be glad you went to Morocco anyway. It’s a fascinating mix of conservative Islamic traditions and liberal French ones, creating a looseness not characteristic of other Arab countries. The ... Read More »

Lions, Tigers and Family Safaris

Lions, Tigers and Family Safaris Most of us are pretty anxious about our investment sand jobs and homes in this economy gone very wrong. Of course Travel is taking a hit, down about 14 %. But bouncing back. And it never goes away. For many families, travel is a necessity not a luxury. Because travel is fungible. If the family ... Read More »

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