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Stand-Up Surf Boarding: Gotta Try It!

Yolo Boarding? Stand up Paddle Boarding or Stand up Surf Boarding

Never heard of it?

Well Stand Up Paddle Boarding or YOLO is new thing to do in the beaches of South Walton, Florida or the Beaches of Florida.

Truth is, YOLO Boarding or Stand Up Paddle Boarding or Stand Up Surf Boarding is awesomely simple fun.

Wear what you like when you YOLO Board because the Stand Up Paddle Board is very stablefind a little balance..keep those knees looseand off you go.

The better you get, the more fun things the YOLO Stand up Paddle Board can do

Co-Owner Jeff Archer Says YOLO boarding is terrific exercise, because youre training new muscles. I liked that!

Go for it: Y O L O you only live once! It’s Stand Up Surf Boarding or Stand Up Paddle Boarding. a sport whose time has come

Water sports not your thing?

Then side trip up to Defuniak Springs
Plenty of Southern Charm, circles the shore of a perfectly round small lake. Its a winter home of the Chataukwa institute

And great little shops like the Nook and Cranny for local consignment and collectibles.

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  1. You don’t have to visit Florida or any other beach town to get into stand up paddling. We live near the inland lakes and rivers around Bend, Oregon and have a thriving flatwater SUP community. We like it so much, that 3 years ago we started a family biz selling SUP flatwater gear, with special emphasis on flatwater paddling
    You can check out our blog for our latest SUP stories

  2. travelvideopostcard

    Yes, of course. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is now quite popular in the waters of the East Coast, BUT, I must say, if you’re going to fall in, which I did, often, I’d rather be in Florida!
    Thanks for writing

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