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St. Thomas ( U.S.V.I) As Caribbean as it Gets!

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St. Thomas one of three islands that make up the US Virgin Islands, is one of the Caribbean’s premier vacation spots, along with its sister islands St. John and St, Croix

St. Thomas and St. John and all the US Virgin Islands have eye-popping blue water, palm trees, sweeping beaches and lots of lizards are as Caribbean as it gets.

Once a haven for pirates, it now has huge cruise ships that pour passengers into St. Thomas’ Charlotte Amalie, the capital.

But if Charlotte Amalie has too much stuff to sell, and it does, it has touches and traces of real Caribbean character and beauty

There are places to stay in St. Thomas far from the madding crowds and markets like the Wyndham Sugar Bay with its extraordinary views and helpful staff

And a quick ferry ride from Red Hook to sister island St. John is a trip to a less commercial Caribbean where and the colors are just a bit brighter and the living a little easier

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No passports are needed for US citizens so that, and the smiling faces make these islands a happy place to visit

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