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South Dakota-Buffalo Round Up Travel Video PostCard

Contributed by Frank Klicar, TVP Correspondent

You naturally think of Mount Rushmore when you think South Dakota, the craggy faces of past presidents staring out into space. Why wouldn’t they actually!

But South Dakota has one of the largest herds of American bison on the continent

Buffalo Blll may have gone the way of the wild wild west, but every year modern day cowboys and cowboy wannabes come from around the world and gather in Custer State Park to round up the more than 1000 head of buffalo

You can imagine the sounds of thundering hooves, the crack of the whips, the cowboy hoots and hollers

and of course there’s the sound of those motor vehicles for those who’ve never been in a saddle or probably near a horse for that matter.

its a great exercise, great fun, keeping the lore of the west alive. Every September, the wild herds are rounded up, vaccinated and released back into the wild. It’s a form of heard control, though some are sold for meat. We’re not crazy about that!

Of course Buffalo Bill Cody and Annie Oakley would likely send their best and I’m sure they wish they could be here

Even the buffalo seem happy, but who can tell for sure!

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