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TripAdvisor’s Big Blunder


Did TripAdvisor Make a Big Mistake in Removing Reviews? The case involves Mr. Ziggy Hussain who runs the popular Ziggy’s Spice House in downtown Halifax (Nova Scotia), Canada. According to the Halifax Courier, TripAdvisor summarily removed 280 reviews after its “fraud detection system indicated suspicious activity.” The result: Hussain’s restaurant was demoted from the number one position in the town ... Read More »

How TripAdvisor Bested Expedia

How TripAdvisor Bested Expedia The Wall Street Journal report pretty much says it all: At $6.9 billion, Expedia is now worth 40% less than TripAdvisor, which is worth more than $11billion. How did TripAdvisor, a recent former subsidiary of Expedia, pull off such a gain when just a year and a half ago, it was an Expedia holding? Hotelmarketing quite ... Read More »

The Perfect Travel Website


The Perfect Travel Website Seeking the perfect travel website is a bit like seeking the Holy Grail. A long, usually fruitless endeavor. But if the perfect travel website is ever built, we’re pretty sure “they will come.” And maybe the website that Fi designed is it. For now, at best, most if not all travel web sites are pretty “ho ... Read More »

Data Darwinism: Good, Bad and Ugly Reviews, and Who Writes Them


Data Darwinism: Good, Bad and Ugly Reviews, and Who Writes Them Reviews do matter, but what seems to matter more is who writes them, and the question, can they be predicted? And it seems Airbnb is saying, “yes.” Booking an Airbnb place anywhere can be a 50-50 proposition, but it’s the very unpredictability and rich individuality of each place that ... Read More »

Visual Storytelling Critical for Social Media Success


Visual Storytelling Critical for Social Media Success If it’s true that 1-minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, then hotels and travel destinations may have found the “holy grail” that converts the grazing online process of looking at hotels, to actually booking them. And there isn’t a hotel or destination in the world that isn’t seeking the business alchemy ... Read More »

The End of the Frustrating Booking Process?


New Social Technologies Demand Online Travel Agents Deliver Better Service USAToday reported that online travel companies “lag behind e-commerce retailers…in delivering a positive consumer experience.” No surprise here. For anyone who has tried booking travel that involves a flight more complicated than flying from Point A to Point B, the explanation is obvious. And it’s obvious even for those who ... Read More »

Is Social Media Killing the Destination Travel Article?


Is Social Media Killing the Destination Travel Article? If HuffPostTravel can declare that the “Old Travel Show is Dead, Long Live the New York Travel Festival,”  then we might be right in declaring that “Travel Destination Articles Are Dying, Long Live Social Media Travel Content.” So, when a senior editor at Technorati  told me that, going forward, all travel-related content ... Read More »

Why The WiFi Fuss? Hotel Guests Should Never Have to Pay for It


Why The WiFi Fuss? Hotel Guests Should Never Have to Pay for It Hotel guests have said it again and again: after location, and service that exceeds  expectations, free and reliable WiFi matters the most. So why do hotels charge for WiFi and why do guests have to struggle find a location that works? Hotelchatter says that while most hotels ... Read More »

Travel Gives Back: Sewing Machines for India’s Widows


Please watch the Video PostCard: India, Widows and Sewing Machines here Monday, May 6, 2013 if you teach a woman to sew… by Oonaballoona here’s a little something that is actually in fact quite large.  if our corner of the blogisphere isn’t the right place to share it, i don’t know where is. 

i look at pictures of collapsed buildings ... Read More »

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