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Looking For a Better Webinar on Using Video

Screenshot 2014-01-26 10.27.19

Looking For a Better Webinar on How Video, Images Turn Lookers into Bookers How do action-less, people-less, laughter-less, romance-less, love-less  videos emotionally engage and move us? Move us to book or buy? VFLeonardo is an acknowledged leader in the art of visual storytelling, promoting their services to the travel industry and beyond. Their recent  webinar was called “Lets Get Visual: ... Read More »

Millennials Change the Face of Hotel Design

20131202_BWIHaitiLobby 2

Millennials Change the Face of Hotel Design Wasn’t so long ago that all hotels pretty much looked alike. Just another pretty face, or not so pretty. There were some differences in the design of a luxury lobby and bar, versus, say the lobby and bar of a moderate-priced hotel chain. No one would confuse a Four Seasons with a Best ... Read More »

Will Facebook Dominate Travel Impulses


Will Facebook Dominate Travel Impulses If you’re looking for a sales job in travel, now might be the time to approach Facebook. The giant Social Media site is on a mission to further elbow its way into the travel space and has been reorganizing its sales force. As HotelMarketing, reports Facebook has been recruiting for travel sales representatives as it ... Read More »

Pinterest Place Pins Pushes Pinterest into Travel


It’s pretty amazing that Pinterest is valued at 3.8 billion dollars, even though it has no revenue. But that hasn’t stopped the popular image- driven site from expanding its reach into travel.   The company, started in 2009,  has more traffic from its mobile applications than its website,  and co- founder Evan Sharp went so far as to say Pinterest ... Read More »

Does Twitter Manipulate and Foster Paranoia?


Does Twitter Manipulate and Foster Paranoia? Someone in my Home Feed on Twitter only posts the number of followers he/she gained. And the number of followers he/she lost. Every day. “Today I lost 5 Followers and gained 3.” “Today I lost 1 Follower and gained 0.” And so it went. The steady drumbeat of the daily report fascinated me: I ... Read More »

Death by Too Many Reviews: When is Enough Enough?


Death by Too Many Reviews: When is Enough  Enough? Reviews do matter. A report by SAS noted that positive reviews (less so TripAdvisor-based rank and brand), followed by lower price were the most important influencers of choice. And lower price or higher ratings don’t overcome the impact of negative reviews. But even in America, it’s possible that more isn’t better. ... Read More »

Moving Past Dedicated Review Sites


Moving Beyond Dedicated Review Sites Certainly this is not to say that powerhouse, dedicated review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor will soon be obsolete, or redundant. But as travelers increasingly use ratings and reviews less to research a trip ( or product/service), and more to actually buying, the importance of broad-based, dedicated rating sites may be declining. Why? Customers are ... Read More »

Are Social Media Travel Sites a Bust?


Are Social Travel Sites a Bust? The header at Hotelmarketing was pretty blunt:  Social travel sites are screaming for attention-but users and suppliers are not impressed. According to the latest PhoCusWright data, social media in general generates so little traffic to travel websites it makes anyone wonder if there really is a need for “dedicated social media sites for travel.” ... Read More »

FlightCar Engages Collaborative Consumption With Car Shares

FlightCar Fiat Customer 88

A rising star called FlightCar is going up against Avis, Enterprise and Hertz in the $11 billion airport car rental industry. Since February, it’s been offering car-share rentals at 50%-70% off conventional rental prices and giving car owners ecological and financial incentives to share. The collaborative travel and car sharing trends the service represents could be good news for travelers.  ... Read More »

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