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Social Media Insider Summit: Will You Be There?

insiderSocial Media Insider Summit: Will  You Be There?

By Suzie Saw

It’s easy enough to remain perpetually plugged in to your favourite social media channels – in fact some of us start to feel a little bewildered when disconnected from that comforting collective consciousness.

But the need to make basic contact, face to face, is still a fundamental human need – it’s easy to go a bit stir crazy without it. What’s more, encountering the person behind the persona can be an enlightening experience, especially when those people are some of social media’s most influential experts. This is why we’re getting in a lather about the Social Media Insider Summit.  ( Not only is it in a gorgeous real life location, but attendees will get to enjoy exclusive IRL access to dozens of the web’s star decision-makers.

Guy Yalif  Twitter’s Head of Global Product Marketing, will be speaking about the current shift to mobile devices. Wildfire by Google’s Social Media Manager ( SMM) , Maya Grinberg, will discuss social responsibility in SMM. JWT’s notorious pattern-recogniser, Ann Mack, will discuss “privacy in the age of openness”, and Brian Madden, who develops audience and social media for publishing monolith Hearst Digital (following nearly a decade at Conde Nast) will be telling you how best to leverage your fans to spread the word about your content.

In short, if you really want the content marketing edge on your competitors, this is the mother of all summits, featuring 44 heavyweight speakers in keynote talks, expert panels and roundtables.

And all that learning only takes place before lunch. What happens in the afternoons? Parasailing. Or golf. Or perhaps you’d prefer horseback riding, or cruising for dolphins? Not bad, as networking opportunities go.

The summit takes place February 10th-13th 2013, and its venue is easy enough to get to, despite the exotic location – Captiva Island, just off Cape Coral, is joined to the Florida’s coast by road.  Car hire in Florida is typically inexpensive, and the roads are generally modern and well-maintained.

The nearest airport is Southwest International. Accommodation is included in the registration fee – US$2995, which isn’t bad considering the information you’ll receive and the inclusive benefits; the dolphins are part of the package, as are the rest of the activities, the food, drink, and parties. All you need to do is get yourself there.

Small print does apply, of course – the idea here is to gather the web’s best and brightest, so if you want to attend you must fulfil certain criteria, namely working for a well-known brand, and controlling their social media strategy and budget from a senior management level. You must also agree to attend the entire event, but with such a concise program it’s hard for us to imagine any reason not to stay to the end. Your daughter’s wedding, maybe.

Suzie Saw is a professional writer who loves nature, being outdoors, gazing at maps (especially railway maps), & planning her next adventure in distant (& not so distant) lands. Google +

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