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Solo Travelers are Second Class Citizens

From Kaleel ftp etc

The math is simple. But deceptive.

If a hotel room cost two hundred bucks, that’s a hundred bucks per person, because hotels assume two people are sharing the room.

But if you’re not a couple and are traveling alone, you’re still paying $200.00, which amounts to a penalty for single travelers since they’re paying a two people rate!

Hotels and cruise ships don’t give single travelers a price break because that cuts into their revenues. And so the single traveler exist as second-class citizen in the travel world.

From Kaleel ftp etc

Some travel agents like Singles Travel International plan trips where singles share rooms with other singles, of the same sex we might add.

But that can be uncomfortable for many.

The industry can and should do better.

Some hotels do offer a reduced rate for singles, but they’re often inferior rooms.

Noah may have had it right, but unless you’re on an ark, traveling in pairs shouldn’t have to be the only way to go!

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