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Rhinecliff Inn, Hudson Valley TVP Review

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As far as we know there’s nothing like it in the Hudson Valley.
The Rhinecliff, is a small inn, in a small, sleepy, NY village of the same name,

It sits right on top of the Hudson River, the rolling river that dominates any stay at this historic, one time,
RailRoad Inn.

From rhinecliff

Indeed the only thing that separates the inn from the river is the railroad track and antique tressle, so you better love the sound of a train at night.

I do! But if you don’t, they offer ear plugs with a smile.

From rhinecliff
From rhinecliff

British born brothers James and David Chapman reclaimed the best of the old 1854 Rhinecliff hotel, and transformed its very blue collar past

into a unique and up scale present.

But The Rheincliff’s biggest calling card may be The Bar restaurant, The pub dining experience scoops up the best local ingredients, ‘nods’ to some British favorites, and bustles on the weekends.

It also serves up a breakfast as hearty or lite as a house guest might please

We’re eager to re-visit the Rhinecliff ,see how the devoted staff has tweeked some of the creature comforts, catch a summer breeze off the Hudson, and a the sweet train whistle at night.

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