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Hotel Ratings Fraud


Hotel Rating Inflation So far no international classification for hotels exists, but that hasn’t stopped ambitious hotel marketers from slapping any number of stars, diamonds, cacti on their properties and touting them as 5 or 6 or even 7 star properties, whatever that may mean in real service and amenities. I think the ratings inflation trend began with the Xanadu-like ... Read More »

Croatia-Dubrovnik: 1 Min Video PostCard

Lord Byron, the famous English poet, called the great walled city of Dubrovnik the pearl of the Adriatic From the geometry of Dubrovniks tiled roofs to Dubrovniks graceful and placid harbor, The medieval city of Dubrovnik rings with the sounds of history (Bell), surprises with elegant architecture, and delights with its arches and artistic flourishes One of the most beautiful ... Read More »

How Not To Run A Travel Media Lunch


How Not To Have A Travel Media Lunch It may be that I’m hypercritical, but I don’t think so. After the umpteenth Travel Media/Press lunch,  I declined the last few simply because  they promised to be  photostatic copies of most every other press lunch held. In spite of some web sites that offer advice most PR-driven media lunches still  mirror ... Read More »

What Can A Grocery Store Teach Travel?

What Can A Grocery Store Teach Travel? So why isn’t the travel industry using Foursquare to increase business and build a loyal travel base the way Vons is? Contrary to what the puerile think, Foursquare is not about badges and mayors. 

The location based service giant is all about making deals with commercial partners, and creating new ways of rewarding ... Read More »

The Next, Best Air Fare Search Engine!


The Next Best Air-Fare Search Engine? Don’t let that cute, little chipmunk with the aviator goggles fool you! Hipmunk is, at last, an air- fare search engine that’s elegant, simple and free from the agony of plowing through pages of results that most air fare search engines throw up. If what you want is flight info that’s worth your while ... Read More »

Are Foursquare’s Mayors Doomed?


Are Foursquare’s Mayors Doomed? So, how long will being a Foursquare Mayor matter now that the 6-million strong Location Based Service is moving toward segmentation? In fact, is there any real “grown up” reason to being the “Mayor” of Joe’s Coffee shop? Is there any “grown up” reason to being a Foursquare Mayor of anything? It’s a bit like collecting ... Read More »

New Innkeepers Use Social Media To Attract New Guests


New Innkeepers Use Social Media To Attract New Guests (Please watch the 1-minute Video PostCard at the end of this post) In the highly individualistic culture of the Bed and Breakfast business, Tim and Amy Brady are fast becoming the “go to” couple for B and B owners and operators eager to gain access to the powers of social media ... Read More »

Mad Guests and UFOs: Why Hampton Hotels Are Number 1


Mad Guests and UFOs: Why Hampton Hotels Are Number 1 Did you hear the story of the Hampton Hotels guest who took advantage of the chain’s 100%, no-questions asked refund policy? She complained the UFO’s outside her window kept her awake all night. She got her money back. Or, as USA Today reported, how about the guest who asked for ... Read More »

How Not To Travel Like An “Ugly American.”


How Not To Travel Like An “Ugly American It’s part of travel’s enduring mythology: The American tourist, unable to manage even a few sentences in any language other than English, and oblivious to the culture and traditions of other countries. The unflattering image of the “Ugly American” is a bit unfair, perhaps, but the “USA Number 1!” attitude persists among ... Read More »

Pour A Pint in Belfast

Pour A Pint in Belfast Please watch the Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1-minute Video PostCard at the end of this post. Belfast, Northern Ireland, is a restless place. It struggles, like the rest of the country and the UK, of which it’s a part, with a failing economy and severe unemployment. But we think it’ll be one of the next, best ... Read More »

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