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B and B’s Fight Fierce Doily Wars. Take No Prisoners


B and B’s Fight Fierce Doily Wars. Take No Prisoners By Marti Mayne The B&B industry is out to bust some myths, and are taking advantage of the election-year thinking to do it. With a totally tongue-in-cheek approach, it’s poking fun at the very symbol that has haunted them for years: the doily. According to research conducted by the Professional ... Read More »

The Land of Poets and Warriors: Isle of Skye


The Land of Poets and Warriors: Scotland’s Isle of Skye “So where in Scotland are you going?” a British colleague asked over lunch. “Edinburgh? Glasgow?” “Isle of Skye,” I said. “Ah, the Scottish Highlands,” he sighed. Leaned back and said, slowly, “We always think of Skye as a spiritual place. I really envy you.” It was only after we boarded ... Read More »

Book Review: Hypertravel-100 Countries in Two Years

Book Review: Hypertravel-100 Countries in Two Years Hardie Karges has one self-professed goal in life: to see every country in the world. And he’s off to a grand start! His recently self-published book, Hypertravel -100 Countries in Two Years is less about Karges’  journey to most of the countries defined by the United Nations as countries, and more of a ... Read More »

Boulangeries and Mercis: Canada’s French Eastern Townships

Boulangeries and Mercis: Canada’s French Eastern Townships The fields of deep lavender (Bleu Lavande) stretch vividly toward the green hills. Donkeys at the donkey ranch nuzzle their mistress, and the honey bees buzz about at the Miellerie Lune de Miel, the honey farm. About 150 miles south of Quebec and maybe 90 miles east of Montreal, the Eastern Townships of ... Read More »

Babymoons, Booties and B&Bs

Babymoons, Booties and B&Bs Jennifer and Craig Ruckert, a very attractive 30 something couple were sitting in front of a terrific fire, enjoying some great cheeses and local wines, a regular pre-dinner ritual  at the Tidewater Inn, in the laid back, classy Connecticut shore town of Madison. Except Jennifer wasn’t drinking wine. She was nursing a sparkling-something drink because she’s ... Read More »

Battle of the Review Giants: HolidayCheck vs. TripAdvisor

Battle of the Review Giants: HolidayCheck vs. TripAdvisor In the unfolding drama of  TripAdvisor vs. Fake Reviews that has played out in various travel publications, HolidayCheck has upped the stakes by trumpeting its differences with TripAdvisor relative to the integrity of hotel reviews. In fact, the Swiss-based online travel portal, Europe’s largest, wasted no time in setting out its marketing ... Read More »

TripAdvisor Plot Thickens: Second Charges Filed

TripAdvisor Plot Thickens: Second Charges Filed The review giant seems reeling these days with legal and PR woes from all directions. In the latest plot development,  reports that a more serious complaint against TripAdvisor  has been lodged with the Advertising Standards Authority, the UK organization charged with regulating advertising across all media. The second probe, instigated by reputation management ... Read More »

TripAdvisor Takes Legal Action Against Fake Reviews: Trouble Ahead?

TripAdvisor’s Legal Action Goes Forward: Trouble Ahead? Chris Emmins, reporting for KwikChex, says that the legal action TripAdvisor is now taking against hotels that solicit and post false reviews, is “tearing TripAdvisor apart.” KwikChex the dogged, Wikipedia-like global reputation protection company based in the UK, just reported that TripAdvisor has proceeded against hotels that have egregiously faked positive reviews on ... Read More »

Discovering Dublin w/1-min Video

Discovering Dublin, Ireland w/1-min Video I skipped down the stairs of our hotel, the Mont Clare, in fairly fashionable Merrion Square on a pharmacy mission. I turned the corner, passed an antiquated, rather haphazard shop, and stopped. A white-thatched, distinguished gentleman was sitting behind a counter, reading out loud to a few customers. I stopped to listen. It turns out ... Read More »

TripAdvisor “Makes Nice” With Hotels

TripAdvisor “Makes Nice” With Hotels At least that’s what most observers think. Or they believe the move is a reaction to Google’s increasingly strong forays into the travel space. The relationship between hoteliers and TripAdvisor has not been a happy one. Successful hotel managers or innkeepers like Dick Pabich of the popular Salem Inn in Salem, Massachusetts, have been burned ... Read More »

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