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San Antonio: Magic for Families

San Antonio: Magic for Families By Kaleel There’s no question San Antonio, Texas, goes all out for families. This is the most visited city in Texas, and I would bet from the families I saw and the fun they were having, family travel is a big part of it. If families could, they’d leave their hearts in San Antonio, I’m ... Read More »

Single Parent Travel

The “bad” news is that the number of single parents seeking quality vacations with their children is growing. The good news is that the number of single parents seeking quality vacations with their children is growing. Brenda Elwell is a single mom who’s traveled solo with her kids for twenty years, but chafed under the realization that she and single ... Read More »

Passenger Bill of Rights: Fed Up!

Don’t  Take it Any Longer! Imagine being stuck ten hours on a plane, on the tarmac. Not going anywhere. No water or food. No working toilets. That’s what happened to Jet Blue passengers…and passengers on Northwest and American, and the list goes on. No, the skies are definitely not friendly. Passengers are mad as hell and they’re not going to ... Read More »

Is Any Hotel Worth Six Stars?

From Kaleel ftp etc My jaw dropped when Professional Travel Guide (Now defunct!) announced that it would add a new tier to its Star Services ratings for hotels: Six Stars! What qualifies as s a Six Star rating? Places we’d never be able to stay in. Places like Austria’s Capella Schloss Velden; New York’s Lowell Hotel; Dubai’s Mirage. Forget about ... Read More »

The Magic of North Wales

Maybe it’s the impossible to pronounce names like Llangollen or Betws-Y-Coed or Llandrillo that makes traveling in North Wales a fun experience. But when the language is spoken in lyric Welsh, actually “Cymru”  it sounds like water flowing over rough rocks…and gives a hint of the deep, rich Celtic culture beneath this un-touristed, beautiful land. It’s a bilingual country, amusing ... Read More »

Paying to Give Up Your Privacy

As my good friend, Bill Wanegrin, said, the Registered Traveler Program aka CLEAR is when you pay to give up your privacy! Well, that depends on your point of view. The program allows travelers to pay about $128.00 to have their irises scanned, their finger prints registered and all kinds of personal information investigated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) ... Read More »

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