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Travel Killarney, Ireland: Gleann Fia, Travel Video PostCard Fan on Facebook: Check our Blog: Its so very easy to feel at home at Gleann Fiaa country inn tucked in a glade on the outskirts of Killarney, Ireland Settle into any cozy corner, sip a good coffee and enjoy some rough, fresh, bread. Questions about where to go and what to see? Gleann Fia Host, ... Read More »

In Portugal, Port is King

In Portugal Port is King By Kaleel Sakakeeny From Kaleel ftp etc Really, it was Portugal that “launched a thousand ships,” not Troy, in spite of the mythology. And it’s too bad the intrepid maritime masters of the known world – Vasco do Gama, Magellan, Henry the Navigator – couldn’t have fortified themselves with Port, Portugal’s most famous product. It ... Read More »

Isle of Skye: Scotland’s Spiritual Destination

Skye High in Scotland By Kaleel Sakakeeny “So where in Scotland are you going?” a British colleague asked over lunch. “Edinburgh? Glasgow?” “Isle of Skye,” I said. “Ah, the Scottish Highlands. We always think of Skye as a spiritual place. I really envy you.” We ordered soup and appetizers and talked of other things. Weeks later when I made the ... Read More »

Yosemite: Almost Sleeping with Coyotes

“It’s another thirty-five miles t’the valley floor,” the Yosemite National Park gate keeper drawled. Free of Fresno, the drive up to this point took us past hazy, crushed-velvet hills and mesas still tinted with California’s late autumnal colors. Thick-coated black cattle wandered among time-sculpted tree trunks and careless billboards. These were the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, the precursor to ... Read More »

Tale of Two Cities: Segovia and Salamanca, Spain

Castilla Y Leon is pure Spain. From Kaleel ftp etc In the mid section of the Iberian Peninsula, the region is the home to most of Spain’s impressive historic and artistic legacy – and the birthplace of Castillan: the Spanish language. It’s also a path less traveled by. In addition to it’s dramatic art, the province boasts quintessential Spanish towns ... Read More »

Pubs of Belfast

Follow on Twitter: Fan on Facebook: The pubs of Ireland are part of Irish culture and tradition, an integral part of Belfasts social and cultural life. Many of Belfasts pubs are more than a hundred years old like the Crown Liquor Saloon, a gem of a pub with its Victorian Architecture and Italian design and happy people But ... Read More »

A long Tunisian Love Affair

A Tunisian Love Affair From Kaleel ftp etc Certain trips tease the heart with a promise of love. The sensation doesn’t come from the obviously beautiful like the Swiss Alps, or the awe-inspiring like St. Peter’s Basilica or the Louvre. But rather from an intangible “sense of place.” Out of her deep blue skies, impossibly translucent light and the medley ... Read More »

Canada’s Eastern Townships: Cantons de L’Est

The “Cantons De L’Est,” as the region is called in French are, to Anglophones, the Eastern Townships of Quebec, some 80 or so towns and hamlets with populations anywhere from 750 to maybe 3,000. Blessed with some of the best preserved, least commercial trails, lakes, mountains, streams and authentic villages, the townships so moved an editor of Yankee Magazine, that ... Read More »

Rocky Mountaineer: Train Travel in Canada

Train Travel in Canada is the Rocky Mountaineer. Family Travel in Canada is Train Travel in Canada. Train travel on the Rocky Mountaineer starts in British Columbia, one of North America’s queen cities. The Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tour is a two-day train trip in a glass bubble train making train travel through the Canadian Rockies a close and personal experience ... Read More »

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