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Pubs of Belfast

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The pubs of Ireland are part of Irish culture and tradition, an integral part of Belfasts social and cultural life.
Many of Belfasts pubs are more than a hundred years old like the Crown Liquor Saloon, a gem of a pub with its Victorian Architecture and Italian design and happy people

But there’s also Bittles Bar built in 1861 with lots of clever art about the politics and life of Belfast

And the there’s Kellys Cellar maybe the oldest pub in Belfast and where Brad Pit came to learn Irish

Belfast Northern Ireland is awash in pubs and no they’re not the smoky places they once were.
These are classics!

Take the pub tour

Belfast also has chic restaurants serving world-class cuisine Luciano’s in the historic Opera House holds your desert, coffee and table until intermission
How civilized

After your Guinness or Bushmills at McHughs, dinner at Nicks Warehouse among the cobbled streets is fun dinning at hard to get tables
Or stay at The Ten Square luxury hotel; very imaginative. Very contemporary
Belfast is fast becoming a must see city.

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