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Playground Safety On The Road

Playground Safety on The Road

by Kaleel

Summer time and the travel bug bites.

Any traveling family will play in a playground at some point in their travels.

And they should.

Hanging out in playground is a great way to get to know the locals, the scenery and just enjoy each other as a family.

Often I found that a few hours relaxing and picnicking at a playground were more valuable to my family travels than time at a famous attraction!

But playgrounds are not as innocent as they look.

Each year, more than 200,000 kids visit hospital emergency rooms with injuries, most often occurring when a child falls from equipment onto the ground.

“Take 5″ is a new campaign sponsored by QuaBoing, a company that makes rubber tiles and loose surfacing for playgrounds…different from the recycled tires common to most playground surfaces.

The tires very often contain debris and very fine metal shavings that can hurt and cause injury.

Five Quick Tips for Playground Safety

1. Be sure surfaces around playground equipment are made of rubber or rubber-like materials and have at least 12 inches of wood chips, or mulch, sand, or pea gravel.

2. Prevent burns on hot metal playground equipment by checking the temperature of steel decks, slides and steps.  On a hot day, these surfaces can reach temperatures high enough to cause serious contact burns in seconds.

3. Check equipment for sharp points or edges to avoid scratches and cuts.

4. Look for age-appropriate play areas for kids, and make sure platforms and ramps, have sturdy guardrails to prevent falls.

5 Watch out for stuff like exposed concrete footings, tree stumps, and large rocks..all things that can cause a nasty fall.

And, be watchful for free-roaming dogs!

Headline: Playgrounds are not as innocent  Each year, more than 200,000 kids visit hospital emergency rooms with injuries. Quick Tips for Playground Safety

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