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Pay to Pee and Mad as Hell!

Ryanair, announced it was going to charge passengers a British Pound to use the toilet in flight!.

British Air is asking its employees to work for nothing!

Outrageous! What the hell.

Maybe the only way for airlines to stop loosing money is to not fly passengers.

When the airlines started charging for everything from pillows to soft drinks and baggage, many of us, facetiously, wondered out loud when the airline would start to charge to use the toilets on the planes!

Well, we didn’t have to wait too long before low-cost airline, Ryanair, announced it was going to charge passengers a British Pound (or maybe it was a Euro) to use the loo in air.

The airline calculated that if 20% of their passengers use the bathroom on each flight to pee or otherwise, the company could earn an additional 20 million bucks a year!

For cash strapped airlines, that’s music to their ears and a joy to the bean counters.

Now we hear Ryanair will NOT be asking you to deposit one pound to pee…

The toilets will be credit card operated

According to, Ryanair has asked Boeing engineers to design a credit card operated lock that can be installed on the bathroom doors!

We suspect this is a publicity stunt and Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary has more or less confirmed that. At least according to Travelpost.

However, and this is what really interests us: was it a publicity stunt…or a cleverly calculated attempt to prepare the flying public for the inevitable!

We know there’s a joke in here somewhere, but we’re a too shell shocked to figure it out!

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