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Oslo, Norway: Beauty and Controversy

We think of Norway as clean, pure and unspoiled. Expensive, perhaps, but not a country prone to controversy. Certainly not racism.

When we posted this Travel Video PostCard, we were stunned at the anger, passion and real racism that seems to thread itself through Norway’s society. We were not prepared for the ant-Muslim, anti-minority anger and viciousness. Here are a few comments

The rest can be seen on our TVP on YouTube:

yes, but the immigrants shoudl respect Norweigen laws and customs and be good citizens. Norweigens are a peaceful people and never interfered with other people’s issues. It would be very saddening if Norway turns so racist like the rest of Europe cause i would love to live in Norway.

fuck you, don’t u understand english? I’m not against immigration just that we as immigrants should respect their laws. fuck you, i’m not white, i’m a brown skin muslim man..idiotic fool

Dont worry shnizzlelillylex, in 100years Norwegians will be a so small minority in their own country that it wont matter anyway.
The way its now it is us who have to respect and tolerate immigrants more then they are respecting us.
In 200years there wont be any Norwegian left in Norway thanks to immigration, the majority of the population will be muslim and so the culture aswell.
And we cant do anything about it, because as soon as we try, we are called racists. Quite a big irony in it.

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