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Social Networking Services

For live events and Social Media Consulting, we provide:

Event Activation

  • Live Twitter and Facebook management
  • Near Real-time blog streaming (Technorati and others)
  • Video content during and after the event
  • Broadcasting an event’s twitter stream onto a screen on-location
  • Creation and management on location-based social networks such as foursquare tips and Whrrl Societies
  • Post-event social media audit and coverage summary
  • Real-time location-based outreach marketing
  • Podcasting

Social marketing consulting

  • Content creation
  • Content strategy
  • Content and blog management consulting
  • Social media campaign plans
  • Social media best practice consulting
  • Social media tune-ups
  • Social media audit (data and content-driven)

Location-based marketing

  • Brand personification in location-based social networks
  • Offering specials and deals to customers
  • Social Loyalty programs
  • Delivering relevant content via mobile devices

If you haven’t yet gotten into the world of social media and would like to, we can help your businesses get started!

Ask about how we use Foursquare to help destinations attract and drive traffic, another NMT Social Ntwork service for you.

Interested? We’re happy to discuss with you and your team.

Phone: (617) 818-1432

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