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My Six “Travel Superstars” Drinking Mates

So, OK, if I could have a few drinks with any of these travel industry heroes, I’d be happy…and learn a lot. And maybe could stop blogging.

1 Arnie Weissmann, the bright, capable and honest editor in chief of Travel Weekly. He likes martinis and travels more than anyone I know. Great guy.

2 Kyle McCarthy. Imagine being the CEO of a web site that ranks # 2 out of 209 million Google searches in “Family Travel”! Her site, Family Travel Forum, simply is the best there is for family travel information. And she’s a New Yorker through and through and a cool lady.

3 Paul English, co-founder of Kayak. Of course Paul has helped make the site a household word, but he’s involved in many good humanitarian causes internationally. And besides, he’s a Boston boy who’s done good

4 Steve Kaufer, CEO of Trip Advisor. Did have coffee with Steve, twice I think. Time for something stronger! Steve is a miracle worker. I remember when TA was a hole in the wall. The rest they say is history. Great family guy, and I have at least ten questions to a ask him.

5 Wendy Perrin. Used to read her reports faithfully, then left print. I see she’s on Twitter. Always loved her insights. Never met her. It’s time. What’ll you have, Wendy?

6 Gay Myers. Anyone who spends as much time as Gay does in the Caribbean for Travel Weekly has to know a lot of cool hidden spots! When are you free, Gay?

Anyone who wants to join us for a drink, that’s OK. But don’t hog the conversation since I’m buying!


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