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Mini Bar Gets Sexy

Intimacy Kits

Travel has gotten sexier, and we mean that literally.

The hotel mini bar is not what it used to be. Some Hotels in New York, Arizona and elsewhere now stock their mini bars with condoms, cinnamon mints, scented cloths, and even personal lubricants and feather ticklers.

No, these are not your parents’ hotels. Maybe we can understand pleasure rings and blind folds at the hotel Montalembert in gay Paris, but in middle-America Arizona?

A marketing director of a Scottsdale hotel says the Intimacy Kits are a great marketing device….and not all risqué.

He told us that the intimate contents of the Intimacy Kits plays into the life style of his guests and are, “very well received.”

The kits sell for $19.50.

Since we’ve been hearing the recession is sparking a lot of sex, a way, we assume, of staying alive in this dismal economy, the price is right!

Not a lot to pay for intimacy, we guess

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