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Metrosexual Males and Spa Travel for Men

Spa Travel for Men: Massages, Shoe Shines and Botox

In the movie Cellular the lead character, a cop, is about to retire.

Was he going to spend his time fishing or traveling the world?

No, he was going to open a day spa because spa travel for guys is hot.

Spa travel for men?

Spa and travel expert Debbie Karpowitz Kickham says that today 29% of men travel for spa treatments. American guys, she says, are embracing their feminine sides, just like nail-polish-wearing soccer champ, David Beckham!

What’s the big deal… And why is spa travel so hot.

“It’s the metrosexual thing,” Karpowitz-Kickham told us. “Guys are embracing what women have known all along: massages feel good and Botox makes men look younger. So men have gotten hooked and are using men’s day spas regularly.”

At one Men’s Spa, I hear they throw in a car wash and shoe shine

We were happy to hear that a certain presidential hopeful traveled for a pre-debate manicure.

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