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Making Airports Comfortable: Possible??

How to Make Airports Better Places

Delays, lost luggage, security fears, giving yourself plenty of time before the plane takes off…traveling through an airport is no picnic these days.

But to their credit, some airports have devised ways to make it easier to spend time there.

Philadelphia International Airport even has a new special parking area where people can wait for their friends or family to arrive. They’re calling it a “cell-phone” parking lot and will include a big board that announces arrivals.

A lot of airports including Newark Liberty have ramped up the number of eateries and shops to help weary travelers spend their downtime. What else could airports do to make your travel time more enjoyable? Here are some ideas:

1. Comfortable chairs: If we have to wait a bajillion hours for our flight, don’t make us sit in barely padded benches. I’m not asking for La-Z-Boys, but I don’t want to feel like I’m sitting on a church pew, either.
2. More people movers: I’m one of those guys who likes to pretend I have super-speed when walking on a people mover. But why limit them to just those long hallways? Have them lead right up to the gate!
3. Better food: The food from the airport Sbarro, Dunkin’ Donuts and other stands tastes like it’s been on a long, long layover. I don’t expect gourmet food at the airport, but for the prices they charge I’d like it to at least be fresh.
4. Free Wi-Fi: We already paid so much money for our tickets. Why can’t we have free internet? While we’re at it, can we have free cell phone and PDA charging stations?
5. Smoking lounges: A coworker said that she’d like to see places to smoke for travelers like her who need a pre-flight puff. It’s the smoker’s version of stress relief!
6. Slippers: Now that we have to walk barefoot through the security checkpoint, can we get slippers?

Well, those are my humble suggestions.

What would you like to see airports do to improve your travel experience?

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