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Machu Picchu: Mystery, Wonder and Peru

Machu Picchu, high in the Andes Mountains of Peru, is one of South America’s most magnificent and authentic destinations.

Once a royal palace built by an Incan ruler, Machu Picchu sits like a mysterious city eight thousand feet above the sea. Peru’s most famous site, Machu Picchu, is one of the wonders of the world with its two hundred buildings and cloud covered beauty.

About twelve hundred people lived in Machu Picchu, and Peru has done an exceptional job of preserving the treasure that it is.

Professional Inca architects built Machu Picchu with granite blocks and bronze tools, and were so advanced that the thinnest of knife blades can’t be forced between the stones. Today, travelers climb the steep Inca trail to Machu Picchu, but there is a tourist bus from the town of Aguas Calientes.

If you climb Machu Picchu in Peru by foot, don’t forget to stretch when you reach the bottom, your legs will thank you the next morning.

Arrive before dawn and don’t be disappointed by the fog. The ruins and surrounding peaks reveal themselves as the fog lifts, and steal your breath away.

Peru’s Machu Picchu was discovered in 1911, and is today a destination for any travelers seeking an authentic travel experience.

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