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Lost Luggage Nightmare

Lost Luggage Nightmare

It’s a nightmare.

We drag our luggage through security and customs.

And break our backs jamming them in the overhead bins.

Then there’s the very real possibility of never seeing your bags again.

You can’t leave them behind, much as you’d love to… but you can have them picked up by private companies, security wrapped and delivered to your destination for about a few bucks a pound.

We have noticed though that these prices have increased lately.

Still, what’s it worth to have your bags arrive on time and your specific resort or hotel and get all your dirty clothes shipped back… and get notified by email or phone when your bags are home?

But how’s this different from DHL or Fed EX ?

Jeff Boyd, president of luggagefree says there’s no comparison.

“Luggage free takes a more direct approach and we provide more personalized service like coming to the clients home at the time they chose..and our customer reps are available 24 hours a day with customized service

All luggage is insured, at no cost to the traveler.”

And that’s a valium free vacation!

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