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Litltle Cayman: Divers Paradise

The Little Island That Could

There’s an island in the Caribbean so unpretentious, so natural and authentic, it’s one of my very favorite places to visit.
Little Cayman Island, about 10 miles long with maybe 500 full time residents, is a divers paradise.

But it’s much more than that. .

It’s open, empty roads, untouched-up nature and a simple grace of things.
The eye-popping, multiple shades of blue water and the vastness of sand, sea and horizon are mesmerizing… as is the magic of the stars at night. Far from the glare of plastic resorts and too many lights, the dome of heaven sparkles on Little Cayman.
Gladys Howard runs Pirates Point Resort. She’s the island’s most natural, natural resource. An extraordinary cook and open person, Pirates Point is as friendly and laid-back as the island itself where swaying hammocks and untouched charm of place create a true Caribbean experience.

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