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Listen to FTOA program segments

Ever Family Travel on Air show will include an opening segment, sponsor highlights, and the main program for the radio show. In our first show, we had the opportunity to interview 3 well respected writers in the family travel industry to learn about the new trends and best travel experiences for you and your family.

Listen to the entire show here:

After listening to the whole show, take a moment to review how we build out our show segments and seamlessly blend these with sponsor promos to deliver a solid radio experience. Check out the segments that made up our first show:

Segment 1 – Intro

Segment 2 – Sponsor – Keystone

Segment 3 – Krista Interview

Segment 4 – Alison Interview

Segment 5 – Travel Audio Postcard New Brunswick

Segment 6 – Kyle Interview

Segment 7 – Sponsor – Universal

Segment – Travel Audio Postcard Nantucket

Segment 8 – Program Close

Interested in appearing as a guest on the Family Travel on Air show? Interested in sponsorship oppotunities?

Contact Kaleel today!  

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