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Labeneh, Olives and Middle East Pizza in Boston

From Drop Box

Was a big surprise!!

Walk into this rather tratoria, boutique pizza place called Target Pizza. On a busy corner. Next to some ho-hum shops, Target was classy. Intimate. Nice chairs, a small fireplace, exceptional sepia photographs from old Lebanon, Beirut I assume. Cascading olives and bushels of nuts.

The owner, tall Lebanese guy with startling blue eyes, instantly served an espresso to the two of us. Quite a touch.

He then took from the oven round, big, fluffy loaves of just-made Syrian break aka/Pita Bread and tore hunks off for us to taste.

He suggested a Zahtar pizza! Incredible!

Zahtar is THE classic Middle Est spice seldom if ever made into a hot, on the spot pizza! Couldn’t believe it.

Then he brought out a dish of fresh, tangy Labeneh (thickened yogurt) running with pure olive oil. Threw on a few rich, black and purple olives gave us more bread and the pizza hadn’t even come out of the oven yet.

This was a cultural experience…done with class and grace.

Anyone near Boston has to visit the place. A gem among bricks

5200 Washington Street
West Roxbury, MA 02132-6001
(617) 323-4400

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