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Junk, Junk and a Fun Museum!

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The generically named, “City Museum” is anything but a generic museum. This St. Louis museum is more like a fun house or carnival than a museum.

Made almost entirely of found parts, used objects and throw-aways, the museum is a terrific study in creative approach to materials where kids can dive into the mouth of a whale, play on slides of oddly matched metal parts or bang away at a piano.

Museum director, Rick Erwin, says that just about everything in the place is made of found objects, from the junkyard, or stuff people just want to throw away so they give it a way…to the museum.

It’s a huge green idea, or green by default because the museum is forever recycling and reusing naturally.

Top attractions are an old fire engine, a castle turret and two actual Sabre 40 aircraft fuselages.

It can be noisy but certainly not a sensory overload problem because the kids and parents are in full discovery mode.

One writer said she overheard a child gleefully tell his mom that this place “ is better than Disney!”

Imagine that.

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