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How Guys Travel!

Give a guy a choice

Would he prefer a major sporting event like the Super Bowl, front-row seats at a major musical event like a U2 concert in London …or spending a week in Hawaii or Paris?

Assuming money and time were no problem, the majority of guys chose Notre Dame, the football team…not the cathedral in Paris.

And it’s clearly a guy thing: 22 percent of men chose the sports happening, as opposed to just 6 percent of women.

It may smack of elitism, but researchers tell us that the more education you have…the more likely you’ll prefer Paris.

Those in the Northeast are more likely to want to rub shoulders with the rich and famous at a blockbuster entertainment event.

And Midwesterners win hands down, when it comes to preferring sports events.

But…Hawaii still remains everyone’s favorite hot spot.

What are your travel preferences?

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