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The Land of Poets and Warriors: Isle of Skye


The Land of Poets and Warriors: Scotland’s Isle of Skye “So where in Scotland are you going?” a British colleague asked over lunch. “Edinburgh? Glasgow?” “Isle of Skye,” I said. “Ah, the Scottish Highlands,” he sighed. Leaned back and said, slowly, “We always think of Skye as a spiritual place. I really envy you.” It was only after we boarded ... Read More »

Getting High in Jamaica

Getting High in Jamaica I was pretty terrified. Weak knees, breath-holding terrified. I was standing on the edge of small tree platform high above the Jamaican rain forest, looking down at all the treetops. About eye level with the birds. With the forest canopy beneath me, the guides from Chukka Tours expertly snapped all the hooks and cables in place ... Read More »

Iceland: Life on the Brink

Iceland: Life on the Brink Icelanders live on the edge. In 1783 the Laki Volcano in this glacier-covered country erupted in a violent and prolonged paroxysm, killing a fifth of the country’s population. For 10 months 30 billion tons of lava and sulfuric acid belched forth, creating a noxious haze that killed crops and livestock in Europe as it wound ... Read More »

Images of Fall

Images of Fall The magic and mystery of Fall can be found in so many places…late Fall is haunting in the Isle of Skye Breath stealing, in Sedona We almost take Fall for granted here in New England, but I found her playing beautifully with the morning frost in Cedar Falls, Ohio. then dancing a last dance by the ocean…here ... Read More »

Doing the Dude Ranch

Doing the Dude Ranch When 180 horses’ hooves pounded the ground a few feet from me, manes flaring and breaths misting ghost-like, this city boy was transfixed. It was the 5:30 morning roundup at the C Lazy U Ranch in Granby, Colorado, up in the snow-capped Rocky Mountains. The whinnying echoed in the nearby corrals as we walked the short ... Read More »

Cows, Canines and Kids: The Chesterfield Inn


Cows, Canines and Kids: The Chesterfield Inn We missed the Strolling of the Heifers, a yearly event here in Brattelboro, Vermont, and by all accounts Vermont’s answer to Spain’s frenetic running of the bulls. And a much preferred, more gentle event. But we didn’t miss the contra dancing at Pierce’s Hall, tiny hall in a brick building unchanged since it ... Read More »

Playground Safety on The Road This Summer


Playground Safety on The Road This Summer Summer time and the traveling’s easy. And as any traveling family will do, at some point in their journey they’ll just opt to forget the big sights for the day, and play in a playground. If they don’t, they should. Hanging out in playground is a great way to get to know the ... Read More »

DiveCaching-The New Underwater Treasure Hunt Game

DiveCaching-The New Underwater Treasure Hunt Game This is a great industry. We do a piece on Geocaching, the fun, GPS-driven hunt for hidden treasure (“the cache”). Then the Diving Equipment Marketing Association (DEMA) launches a real-life, eco-friendly, in-water game called DiveCaching, the underwater version of Geocaching. The have a video on the sport, but it’s pretty basic: • Divers hide ... Read More »

Nakations: Nude Travel is Big Business


Nakations: Nude Travel is Big Business How likely are you to go to a nude beach or clothes optional one, and strip? For a country settled by humorless and uptight Puritans, a surprising 49% of Americans said they would do it. Another 19% were undecided, and 32% gave an unqualified “no” to the idea of beaching “au natural” Courtesy of ... Read More »

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