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Free Medical Care On The Road

Finding a Doc On The Road, Any Road In a Hurry

One of the best kept secrets of medical assistance programs for travelers may be the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers.

So, say you’ve booked the family trip of a lifetime. You’ve thought of everything, but do you have the name, address, and phone number of a qualified doctor who speaks English in wherever?

It’s estimated that 20 percent of all travelers get sick annually, and of these, five percent require emergency care overseas.

You’ve dome the right thing if you bought Travel Insurance/Trip Protection Insurance.

We think it’s a must, but be sure you buy the policy from a third party, not the travel agent or cruise line that you booked with.

On the other hand, IAMAT’s medical services are free and with less red tape.

When you sign up (for free) you’re instantly eligible for the fixed IAMAT rates for the first consultation charged by participating doctors and clinics.

Renewing an IAMAT membership with a donation of any amount guarantees uninterrupted access to their medical services with qualified doctors in more than 90 countries and 350 cities worldwide.

IAMAT is a non-profit organization dedicated to travel health, and solely relies on donations from individuals to continue its work.

So what are the charges?

• Membership offers travelers English-speaking medical assistance and proper medical attention at about a $100 for a clinic call and $150 for a hotel call – well below the going rates typically charged to tourists

IAMAT also provides:
• Emergency care
• Referrals to specialists in all fields of medicine
• Medical report to the member’s personal physician
• House or hotel or night calls
• Consultations on Sundays or local holidays.

IAMAT’s web site goes beyond the medical insurance verbiage and offers a terrific photo contest with lovely images from around the world.
The question and comments section is invitational, and their blog hosts some very useful tips about traveling, from avoiding bed bugs to travel and rabies issues.

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