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Yes, Virginia, Virginia is Probably for Lovers!

They tell us Virginia is for lovers and we tend to agree Where else does the beauty and sweep of the sea with its fresh catch and sea loving characters Meet this country’s vibrant history, Virginia is a legacy of American democracy in the making Of living people exploring the living tales of a new nation About the drama behind ... Read More »

Litltle Cayman: Divers Paradise

The Little Island That Could There’s an island in the Caribbean so unpretentious, so natural and authentic, it’s one of my very favorite places to visit. Little Cayman Island, about 10 miles long with maybe 500 full time residents, is a divers paradise. But it’s much more than that. . It’s open, empty roads, untouched-up nature and a simple grace ... Read More »

Drugging Kids on Planes: Reaction!

Drugging Kids on Planes Redux When we created a Travel Video PostCard video a year or more ago about the practice of some parents giving their kids Benadryl or a related “drug” to keep the kids calm during a flight, we were not prepared for the volume and intensity of the feedback. Full-fledged arguments broke out among viewers and followers, ... Read More »

Nothing is Rotten in Denmark!

It’s been a while since I last visited the land of the Little Mermaid, so when the assignment came up, I was eager to revisit Copenhagen, the Lilliputian capital of the Kingdom of Denmark, the oldest monarchy in Europe. I was also eager to visit my dear friends, Pia, Liva and Vaun, who rewarded me with new insights into this ... Read More »

Good Morning, Panama! Now Open for Travel

GOOD MORNING, PANAMA!! Like a Latin American Rip Van Winkle, Panama is waking from a long, deep sleep. For ninety years this odd shaped country, the land bridge between North and South America, lay in the consuming and perhaps suffocating embrace of the United Sates. Her sleep so deep; her dependence so total, that only now, it seems, is ... Read More »

Lisbon: Europe’s Secret

Lisbon is one of Europe’s best kept secret destinations. Exotic, coastal, full of winding streets and terrific cafes, Lisbon’s Al Fama district is mysterious and romantic, and nothing says Lisbon more than this plaintive Fado music, tales of Fado singers’ lost loves and unrealized dreams. In Lisbon, you’ll sit at small tavernas and neighborhood cafes watching them spring to life. ... Read More »

Portuguese Manors: Authentic, Vibrant and Fun

Portuguese Manners in Portugal’s Historic Manors When Robert Frost spoke of the path less traveled by, he certainly wasn’t referring to Portugal. And in particular, the Solares de Portugal. But he could have been. Far from the frenetic pace of Europe’s homogenized, Americanized urban centers, and virtually unvisited by North American travelers, Portugal offers a vibrant, authentic, relatively new ... Read More »

Viaje a Belfast en Espanol

Viaje a Belfast en Espanol Este es Kaleel Sakakeeny con su tarjeta de video postal. Digale hola a Belfast, norte de Irlanda. Donde hoy las tabernas sirven cerveza y amistad Y los jardines cubren memorias de pasados conflicto… Say hello to Belfast, Northern Ireland… Today pubs pour lager and friendship and gardens cover memories of past conflicts and the ... Read More »

Finding the Best Hotel Baby Sitter

Finding the Best Hotel Baby Sitter So, you’re on the road for a family vacation. You’ve done lots of family-friendly things and now you and your significant other want a night out. Or at least a dinner in the hotel’s much touted dinning room. But who’ll watch the kids? Hotels will often provide staff sitters or the names of ... Read More »

Heading to Virginia: Tides Inn Kids Program

Tides Inn Crab Net Kids Program One of our favorite places to go, Tides Inn in Virginia’s Northern Neck reintroduces its kids summer vacation package with unlimited golf, tennis, and daily breakfast. Tides Inn is actually in Irvington, Virginia, along the Chesapeake Bay, and sits on a rounded hill overlooking the Rappahannock River. The belvedere aka/front lawn is a ... Read More »

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