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The Perfect Travel Website


The Perfect Travel Website Seeking the perfect travel website is a bit like seeking the Holy Grail. A long, usually fruitless endeavor. But if the perfect travel website is ever built, we’re pretty sure “they will come.” And maybe the website that Fi designed is it. For now, at best, most if not all travel web sites are pretty “ho ... Read More »

Travel, or Refrigerators and Stoves?


Travel, or Refrigerators and  Stoves So, it was an easy chat with a friend who knew I had something to do with the travel biz. He knew I traveled. He knew I produced content (videos, Audio PostCards, travel news reports, trends) for our own site, New Media Travel,  Technorati Travel,  Tripatini, and others. But he was fixated on the actual ... Read More »

Data Darwinism: Good, Bad and Ugly Reviews, and Who Writes Them


Data Darwinism: Good, Bad and Ugly Reviews, and Who Writes Them Reviews do matter, but what seems to matter more is who writes them, and the question, can they be predicted? And it seems Airbnb is saying, “yes.” Booking an Airbnb place anywhere can be a 50-50 proposition, but it’s the very unpredictability and rich individuality of each place that ... Read More »

TMS Family Travel Summit Predicts Vacations Must Change As Families Change

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TMS Family Travel Summit Predicts Vacations Must Change As Families Change By Kyle McCarthy (Image/the women of the Family Travel Summit/TMS: Orlando With demand for family-friendly summer vacation destinations,  multigenerational accommodations and organized tours at an all-time high according to industry sources, the moms behind the first TMS Family Travel Summit decided to look at what “family travel” really means. ... Read More »

The End of the Frustrating Booking Process?


New Social Technologies Demand Online Travel Agents Deliver Better Service USAToday reported that online travel companies “lag behind e-commerce retailers…in delivering a positive consumer experience.” No surprise here. For anyone who has tried booking travel that involves a flight more complicated than flying from Point A to Point B, the explanation is obvious. And it’s obvious even for those who ... Read More »

Travel Gives Back: Sewing Machines for India’s Widows


Please watch the Video PostCard: India, Widows and Sewing Machines here Monday, May 6, 2013 if you teach a woman to sew… by Oonaballoona here’s a little something that is actually in fact quite large.  if our corner of the blogisphere isn’t the right place to share it, i don’t know where is. 

i look at pictures of collapsed buildings ... Read More »

Social Media Drives East Europe Indie Travel w/Video


Social Media Drives East Europe Indie Travel (please watch the Video PostCard here or below) By Hardie Karges Twenty years after the fall of Communism, tourism is finally on the rise in Eastern Europe, and for those in the know, it’s the number one tourist destination in the world—cheap, beautiful, and friendly.  So why is it so hard to find ... Read More »

Social Media Powers Family Travel Trends


Family Travel Grows Up: Family Travel Trends + Social Media By Kyle McCarthy, Family Travel Forum Forty-four per cent of adults bring children (and grandchildren) along on leisure travels. Taken as a group, they take more trips per year (4.5) than business travelers (3.9), Gen Y (3.9) or Gen X travelers (3.5), according to the 2012 Portrait of American Travelers ... Read More »

Family Travel Bloggers Unite, Take Center Stage


Family Travel Bloggers Unite, Take Center Stage From November 9-11, 2012, a trio of leading family travel “influencers” ushered in their annual  Family Travel Conference, a gathering of passionate, talented and savvy family travel bloggers and journalists from around the country. The venue was the huge, but responsive Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas. This is a group with clout…and Klout. ... Read More »

Teen Travel Bloggers Win Big


Teen Travel Bloggers Win Big In an example of great partnering, Family Travel Forum (FTF) and the Society of  American  of Travel Writers teamed up to work with and announce the lucky Bloggers who earned the 2012 Teen Travel Writing Scholarships, awarded by both of these respected, professional travel content organizations. The fierce competition attracted more than 6,300 students ages ... Read More »

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