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Can You Trust Trip Advisor?

Trusting Trip Advisor Travelers are becoming addicted to on-line travel sites that post reviews of properties and destinations by anybody who stayed at the places they write about: Consumer Generated Content or CGC in the biz. The theory is that reading what regular travelers have to say about a hotel, a  beach or quality of service at an inn, is ... Read More »

Travel Video Inn Review: Union Street Inn

Please watch the Video Review at the end of this post You could almost miss the Union St. Inn blending as it does with the many shingled houses that line the streets of old Nantucket village. But that would be your loss. It’s one one of the most celebrated inns on Nantucket with praises from major travel press. But, it’s ... Read More »

Denmark Audio PostCard: Sounds of Denmark


Click on the player above to listen to the Denmark Audio PostCard Denmark still has a town crier who calls out the hours of the night. Listen to him sing out the hours. And, yes, Denmark is a fairy tale kingdom with lots of castles and canals and blonds. And fortunately, terrific beer and cheeses and a love of fun. ... Read More »

Nantucket on My Mind

Nantucket on My Mind Years after Nantucket’s whaling industry virtually decimated the Atlantic whale population and became fabulously wealthy in the process, Ahab and the White Whale are gone, but the wealth and charm of the island remain. This small island (9 x 12 miles) well off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, has lost none of its magic. Late ... Read More »

Travel Through The Theater of the Mind

Travel Through The Theater of the Mind Listen to a poor Elvis Presley talk about his daddy’s arrest and imprisonment for forging an eight dollar check to feed his hungry family. Then there’s the irrepressible Mark Twain in his always wry observations about New York, the rascals on Wall Street and how sales of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer kept ... Read More »

Tips For Taking Your Family To London

How To Take Your Family To London (Please watch the 1 minute Travel Video PostCard after the post) Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you have to stop traveling, and London is a favorite destination for families looking to travel to a foreign country for the first… or second or third time. “Family travel, if it’s planned right and ... Read More »

Fertility Tourism: Selling Women’s Eggs for Big Bucks and Travel

Fertility Tourism: Selling Women’s Eggs for Big Bucks and Travel “Female Eggs For Sale” may not be a sign you’ll see any time soon, but for all intents and purposes that’s what the global market for harvesting and selling women’s eggs is all about. The in vitro fertilization market is a billion dollar industry that touches almost every country in ... Read More »

Ottawa, Canada: Travel Audio PostCard

Click the Audio Player above and visit Ottawa Ottawa may be Canada’s best kept secret. In the summer, good looking guys in tall fur hats and bright red uniforms parade sharply in front of the Gothic parliament building, their heel-clicking routine every bit as precise and stirring as their counterparts changing the guard at Buckingham Palace. The markets are vibrant, ... Read More »

Screaming Child Bursts Passenger’s Ear Drum. Airline Sued


Screaming Child Bursts Passenger’s Ear Drum. Airline Sued Well (pun intended) now we’ve heard it all. A 67 year old American passenger traveling from Alice Springs to Darwin, Australia, on Qantas Airlines was stunned when a child screamed in her ear. The passenger, Jean Barnard, claims her eardrum was ruptured, and blamed the airline for “failing to take necessary precautions ... Read More »

Seduced By The Cayman Island Sisters

From NMT Images Seduced By The Cayman Islands Most any novel or movie about corporate bad guys somehow always has shady types furtively wiring funds off shore to the Cayman Islands. Truth is, the three islands that make up the Cayman archipelago are so much more than temples of high finance, regardless of John Gresham’s books. Little Cayman and Cayman ... Read More »

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