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Why Your Brand Should Sponsor Family Travel on Air on Tunein:

You will directly access the fast-growing and powerful Family Travel market.  You’ll be accessing them through Internet Radio’s Tunein, which means your company or Brand will be part of a new Social Media segment that’s on the fast track to becoming a major player in driving revenue, promoting brands, and attracting customers.

Tunein has:

  • Over 40 million monthly active listeners worldwide
  • 113% overall listener growth, year over year
  • More mobile usage than Pandora and Spotify
  • One of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites of 2012
  • Top 5 app in 100 countries
  • 200,000 mobile downloads per day
  • Tunein is on over 200 mobile platforms from cars to tablets and refrigerators

We can estimate that all stations/programs that have been assigned the Travel genre tag earn as many as 100,000 listeners per month on average.

As far as how TuneIn can play a role into  branding strategies, here are a few high-level bullets:

  • TuneIn provides a service that distributes your content to listeners worldwide
  • An opportunity to engage in a revenue share partnership to monetize your streams
  • Access to our analytics tools, providing listening stats in real-time
  • TuneIn can help grow your worldwide audience by working together to feature your content within the directory
  • Drive more listeners to your content by featuring your content. While featured in its respective directory, your station’s audience can increase up to 400%
  • Post-feature, stations will see a significant number of retained listeners

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