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Don’t Pay For the Second Driver

Don’t Pay For the Second Driver

Kaleel Sakakeeny

One of travel’s most vexing tendencies is renting as car and having to pay for a second driver, sometimes having to fork over between 3 to 15 bucks a day extra.

That’s a lot of money.

With typical logic, the car rental companies tell us that the odds of an accident increase when more than one driver takes the wheel.

We rather think that it’s safer to have two drivers share the roadwork and besides, that’s an issue for the insurance companies, not the car rental companies.

But how to avoid paying the extra fees makes more sense than trying to figure out how they got there.

Most car rental companies won’t charge for a second driver, if it’s a spouse.

In some cases if the two drivers are members of AAA or AARP they’ll be no charge and some places give a pass to, well, Business Associates.

Nevada says adding a second driver must be free, and so it goes with each state having different requirements

So, driver beware… and make the best deal possible. Always ask beforehand and express you feelings if your car rental company is still thinking so archaically.

Headline: Avoid paying for a second driver when you rent a car. See how.

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