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Don’t Fly With People You Don’t Like

airline-passengers-64280048033SeatId: Don’t Fly With People You Don’t Like?

It’s an axiom among those of us who fly: You never know whom you’ll be sitting next to.
Could be a fascinating character from some terrific movie, your next love or, more likely, someone you really, badly want to get away from.

New Media Travel reported on the idea of “Social Seating Solutions” (Never Sit Next to Boring People Again), so the idea of selecting one’s seat mate has been around for a while. But the enabling tool hasn’t been very successfully developed or employed. And there was always concern for invasion of privacy, even though these programs are always “opt in”.

But now, says ClickZ, a marketing and news site, travelers can successfully look at information about their fellow passengers using social network profiles. ClickZ writer Melanie White says the new software allows passengers to see who will be on the flight..before purchasing tickets.

Want a co-paseenger with a Klout score above the average (40)? Interested in rubbing elbows with a seat mate who has tons of Twitter followers…or someone who matches your social interests?

SeatID has a cool, demo video that explains just how it works, and how one’s privacy is protected.
Airlines have to sign on, but the company is quick to assure travelers that it doesn’t integrate its data with those of the participating airlines.

The heart of the new program is SeatID’s ability to use information from Facebook, Linkedin and other platforms to let passengers check out people with similar interests on a given flight and book a seat accordingly. It is, says SeatID, ” an elegant savvy way to meet new and like-minded passengers.”

Because it’s “opt-in,” both passengers must be using the same tool before they can actually connect.

SeatID CEO, Eran Savir, says he wants to “inject a social networking experience into the traditional ticketing process (creating) a new class of customer service.” reports that Ukrainian airline AeroSvit  is a user, but a quick look at its web site couldn’t confirm that.

Still, if the product prevents flying with boring people, it might just work


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