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Does Twitter Manipulate and Foster Paranoia?

Does Twitter Manipulate and Foster Paranoia?

Someone in my Home Feed on Twitter only posts the number of followers he/she gained.
And the number of followers he/she lost.
Every day.

“Today I lost 5 Followers and gained 3.”
“Today I lost 1 Follower and gained 0.”

And so it went.
The steady drumbeat of the daily report fascinated me: I wanted to know why these followers followed,  or jumped ship.  
I wanted to know why they followed and un-followed this rather humorous, clever person.

Then of course I started seriously to wonder the same about my own account @newmediatravel.

Why did I lose 5 Followers this week and mysteriously gain 5 or 6 the next? Or none.
I wasn’t doing anything differently from week to week. And Twitter doesn’t give a clue or an insight.

And that’s a big shortcoming.

I can guess at why I lost/gained:
• Lack of Tweeting
• Too long being un-responsive
• Saying something someone disagreed with
• Saying something someone agreed with
• Being funny
• Not being funny
• Taking a political or moral or intellectual point pot view that was offensive
• Or acceptable
• Or not taking a point of view

Whatever. The fact of so many possibilities, actually negates any possibility.  

So how  can I learn what works and what doesn’t? How can I be a better Tweeter.

Twitter (and so many other self-styled , imperialistic Social Media companies)  manipulate us by continuing to preach “best ways”  to increase Followers. Tying our self-esteem to the number of followers gained or ones lost. Ego bruising.
Do more followers make me a  a better or more interesting person?

Here’s what they say:
“Get more followers, increase website traffic & drive sales. Power your business with Twitter Ads. Start here: ”

But what does more Twitter Followers get me?

More influence? Or just the perception of it?
Make me an effective marketer?
What’s the actual, functional  difference between 500 followers and 5000, except 4,500?

And how can I be the best at Twitter than I can be, if I have no feedback allowing me to self-correct?
Since I have no insight or guidance,  I keep chasing my tail. Setting myself up to be happy or sad depending on my loss/gain ratio.
And feeling manipulated.
And maybe that’s what Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and company want.

Even if the answer to big numbers is obvious (a celebrity, or the President), are the Followers just the result of someone’s being famous?
If that person wasn’t famous would the Followers disappear?

Could Twitter come up with an application of sorts that tells me why I was being un-followed or followed?
And how would that change the exchanges, the dialogue?
It would certainly make me a wiser guy.  Maybe even more sensitive to people’s needs and thus attract more Followers or reduce those who abandon me.

But I’ll never know. Lose some, gain some. Twitter’s new motto?

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