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Do Cheap Web-based Hotel Fares Mean Boorish Guests

No question, the web is great place for finding hotel and flight deals.

But top hotels are complaining that the wrong kinds of guest are filling their rooms because of on line hotel bookings.

Call it the snob factor, but one hotel’s general manager urged his colleagues to keep prices high this summer to discourage the internet from filling rooms with the wrong kinds of people.

What are the wrong kinds of people?

The GM says it’s those customer who are seeking cut rate prices and are socially out of their depths and badly behaved.

The cut rate part sounds a like me. But the same hotel executive points out that it’s not really about dress codes It’s about a person’s inner values and self-esteem.

He means, will the children of the wealthy meet the right kind of people.

I’d like my daughters to meet the right kind of people, but I’m not sure an upscale hotel with such snob appeal is the way to do it.

So, I’ll keep on seeking quality places at the best price and hope I don’t behave badly.

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