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Combining Biz Travel and Family Travel: A Healthy Option

Combining family and business travel

Combining family and business travel

Combining Biz Travel and Family Travel: A Healthy Option

The road warrior, the business traveler, represents a huge 50% or more of a hotel’s revenue, but what we found very interesting is a trend  to combine a family vacation with a business trip.

An impressive 67.7 percent of those randomly polled said they combine business travel with family travel, a major shift from just ten years ago when corporations frowned on the practice of mixing business with pleasure.

One study actually suggested that business travelers filed 80% more medical claims than did their office-bound colleagues, with “psychological disorders” being the most frequent complaint.

This is no surprise to Kyle McCarthy, CEO of the respected Family Travel Forum.

“It’s obvious,” says McCarthy, “missing a teen’s soccer game or your first grader’s ballet recital can be as stressful as any tropical disease.

Taking one’s family on the road while on a business trip may be the answer, and corporations seem to be getting the message.

Extending a business trip to include some family time or sharing the business trip with one’s family may also make for a more productive employee and happier family.

As one CEO said, “There’s the additional airfare cost, sure,” he says, “but you’re not paying extra for the room or enjoyment of the amenities, so actually it’s a perfect way to stretch the business travel dollar.”

Hotel added that  having the hotel located near the business meeting is critical for both the business and family travel parts of the experience

Other findings that matter:
• Rewards program with “frequent stay” guest points are important
• Free Wi Fi is
• Location near an airport of course
and free, full  breakfasts

But, extending the business trip to include a family vacation, or actually having one’s family as part of the business trip seems to make good sense, professionally and mentally.

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