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Social Media’s Big Data Puts the Fun Back in Travel


Social Media’s Big Data Puts the Fun Back in Travel “Big Data” derived from social media has almost become a buzz word in decision-making, product-innovation circles. Now, a report coming out of Amadeus, a technology company that provides IT solutions to the travel and tourism industry, says that big data is poised to “shape the future of the travel industry.” ... Read More »

The End of the Frustrating Booking Process?


New Social Technologies Demand Online Travel Agents Deliver Better Service USAToday reported that online travel companies “lag behind e-commerce retailers…in delivering a positive consumer experience.” No surprise here. For anyone who has tried booking travel that involves a flight more complicated than flying from Point A to Point B, the explanation is obvious. And it’s obvious even for those who ... Read More »

Video Book Reviews/Promos Drive Book Sales More than Print


Video Book Reviews (VBR) So, authors, publicists and publishers, truthfully, how many media releases have you sent out promoting a book or author, and how are they working for you? Simply, video brings your book to life with action and effects, and video motivates the undecided or marginally interested  42% more effectively than print or text. New Media Travel and ... Read More »

Will Google and Facebook Dominate Travel? Of Course


Will Google and Facebook Dominate Travel? Of course Will Google harness its awesome search capacity, plus its Youtube, plus social indicators from a person’s searches to make travel suggestions and shape travel experiences? And book travel too. We say, yes. They say, “yes” too. It’s widely accepted that travelers are seriously unhappy with online Travel Agents (OTA’s) – the big-box ... Read More »

Five Common Public Relations Myths Busted


Five Common Public Relations Myths Busted By Jennifer Nagy “No Grandma, I don’t work at the TV station. And no, I can’t introduce you to Anderson Cooper.” One of the most undervalued and underutilized marketing tactics is public relations (a.k.a. PR). This is most likely because most people – my immediate family included – have no idea what PR is. ... Read More »

Social Media Insider Summit: Will You Be There?


Social Media Insider Summit: Will  You Be There? By Suzie Saw It’s easy enough to remain perpetually plugged in to your favourite social media channels – in fact some of us start to feel a little bewildered when disconnected from that comforting collective consciousness. But the need to make basic contact, face to face, is still a fundamental human need ... Read More »

Teen Travel Bloggers Win Big


Teen Travel Bloggers Win Big In an example of great partnering, Family Travel Forum (FTF) and the Society of  American  of Travel Writers teamed up to work with and announce the lucky Bloggers who earned the 2012 Teen Travel Writing Scholarships, awarded by both of these respected, professional travel content organizations. The fierce competition attracted more than 6,300 students ages ... Read More »

Companies Use Social Media to Stress Brands, Not Customer Service


Companies Stress Brands, Not Customer Service You can’t blame travel suppliers and companies for their myopia. For all too many years they’ve had a Pavlovian response to their brands: promote them, and get around to taking care of customers later. Or maybe never. In spite of all the brouhaha that suggested social media is the way to connect with and ... Read More »

Is GuestComment Poised to Revolutionize Muddled Review Sites?


   Is GuestComment Poised to Revolutionize Muddled Review Sites? We hope so. When New Media Travel spoke to the owners of 40 Putney Road, a Brattelboro, Vermont,B&B, we were curious about how this new brand of innkeepers was using social media to build a loyal client base. Inn owner Tim Brady said something very interesting. In a discussion about TripAdvisor ... Read More »

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