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Can Nude Travel Increase the Bottom Line?


Nude Travel Increases the Bottom Line There are 270 clubs and resorts in the United States, Canada, Mexico offering clothes free vacations of all kinds. And the American Association for Nude Recreation reports 213,000 members spending 400 million plus bucks on nude vacations. It’s a global industry. The Florida-based site is pretty savvy about its mission (“to responsibly enjoy nudity ... Read More »

Travel Gives Back: Sewing Machines for India’s Widows


Please watch the Video PostCard: India, Widows and Sewing Machines here Monday, May 6, 2013 if you teach a woman to sew… by Oonaballoona here’s a little something that is actually in fact quite large.  if our corner of the blogisphere isn’t the right place to share it, i don’t know where is. 

i look at pictures of collapsed buildings ... Read More »

Spend It Like Beckham or Why Men Need Spas Too


  Spend It Like Beckham or Why Men Need Spas Too By Debbi K. Kickham (Guest Author) with Kaleel Sakakeeny Back in 2004, the movie Cellular featured a character –  a cop –  who was about to retire.  Was he going to spend his newly-found free time hunting, fishing, or traveling the world? No.  He was going to open a ... Read More »

Audio PostCard: Security Issues for Women Traveling Alone


women traveling safely Please click the Audio Player above to hear the Audio PostCard on Women Traveling Alone Security Issues for Women Road Warriors Traveling Alone Hi. I’m Wendie Hansen at new media travel and today’s podcast is all about women traveling alone. First, We don’t like the image of the helpless woman or woman as victim. It’s wrong and ... Read More »

Book Review: The Globetrotters Get-Gorgeous Guide-Diet and Beauty Secrets of Travel Pros


Book Review: The Globetrotters Get-Gorgeous Guide-Diet and Beauty Secrets of Travel Pros Or what every frequently-flying woman, and bride going on her honeymoon, needs to know about staying healthy and fit in the air. If travel had a diva….someone who embodied the talent of looking great while facing the challenges, exhaustion, fun and frustration of Travel, it’d have to be ... Read More »

When Women Travel Solo


When Women Travel Solo Many women  want to travel alone, or with other women,  and not a guy… a fact most men find very difficult to accept. And while we think there are too many movies and books that give us too many images of women as helpless victims, the truth is that a majority of women say that security ... Read More »

Cupcakes, the TSA and Pilot Fatigue

Cupcakes, the TSA and Pilot Fatigue Patrick Smith’s column, Ask the Pilot is almost always an acerbic look at the airline industry with its many foibles and Alice in Wonderland rules and regulations. But the regular contributor to Salon, the award-winning online news site, also provides helpful insights into basic questions such as: Are Pilots Ever Afraid of Crashing or ... Read More »

Women Travelers To Hotels: Pay Attention to Us


Women Travelers to Hotels: Pay Attention to Us It’s pretty official. A  comprehensive White Paper produced by Cornell University School of Hotel Management,  reported that “women have become the fastest growing segment of business travelers in the United States.” In data from 2010, women accounted for nearly half of all business travelers  in the United States, up a huge 43% ... Read More »

Traveling With Pets: Fido, Your Bone and Room are Ready…

Traveling With Pets: Fido, Your Bone and Room are Ready… A huge 14 per cent of Americans travel with their pets, that’s 36 million households, so hotels and inns are creating pet-friendly rooms or floors to make traveling with Fido or Muffy easier, and safer. Some Westins, a brand of Starwood Hotels it clear they want your pet to feel ... Read More »

Flying the Family Unfriendly Airports


Flying the Family UnFriendly Airports Crying kids, stressed parents and unhappy families may not be exactly typical of families flying from our nation’s airports, but the scene is all too familiar. And it’s not the families’ faults. Skyscanner, the flight comparison site, asked 1000 family travelers what they thought about their airports, and, unsurprisingly, about two-thirds said airports are not ... Read More »

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