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Can Nude Travel Increase the Bottom Line?


Nude Travel Increases the Bottom Line There are 270 clubs and resorts in the United States, Canada, Mexico offering clothes free vacations of all kinds. And the American Association for Nude Recreation reports 213,000 members spending 400 million plus bucks on nude vacations. It’s a global industry. The Florida-based site is pretty savvy about its mission (“to responsibly enjoy nudity ... Read More »

Spend It Like Beckham or Why Men Need Spas Too


  Spend It Like Beckham or Why Men Need Spas Too By Debbi K. Kickham (Guest Author) with Kaleel Sakakeeny Back in 2004, the movie Cellular featured a character –  a cop –  who was about to retire.  Was he going to spend his newly-found free time hunting, fishing, or traveling the world? No.  He was going to open a ... Read More »

Tying the Knot With Kids-The New Kind of Wedding


Tying the Knot With Kids-The New Kind of Wedding Since 9/11 it’s pretty clear that the trend toward the bonding, memory-building kinds of family travel experience  is still strong. And the Caribbean, with its mix of the sensual and the accessible, is still a perfect place for those tying the knot, again, but who are committed to sharing the event ... Read More »

Happy Birthday, Titanic! w/video

Long Live the Titanic! w/video “God Himself could not sink this ship,” a  crewman of the Titanic said to one Mrs. Albert Campbell, as she boarded the ship in Southampton, England In May 1911, the RMS Titanic gracefully slid  into  the bustling harbor of  Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she was built by Ireland’s skilled ship builders of the Queen’s Yard ... Read More »

Discovering Dublin w/1-min Video

Discovering Dublin, Ireland w/1-min Video I skipped down the stairs of our hotel, the Mont Clare, in fairly fashionable Merrion Square on a pharmacy mission. I turned the corner, passed an antiquated, rather haphazard shop, and stopped. A white-thatched, distinguished gentleman was sitting behind a counter, reading out loud to a few customers. I stopped to listen. It turns out ... Read More »


Suppose we had no olives No wine No rich, crusted bread No love Olives. What is it about them that’s so sensual, satisfying? Read More »

Andalusia, Spain: Audio PostCard

Andalusia, Spain, or in the Arabic, Al Andalus, owes so much of its culture and tradition, even its language to the Moors, Arabs from North Africa who lived and enlightened this part of Europe for years. Listen to the 1-Minute Audio PostCard on Andalusia by clicking the player above. pr see the 1 minute Travel Video PostCard Read More »

Southampton Inn: Close to the Stars but Down to Earth

Southampton Inn: Close to the Stars but Down to Earth A random drive along First Neck Lane in fabled Southampton, Long Island, New York brings you very close to gorgeous homes with endless driveways, selling for 20 to 80 million dollars, and that’s in a depressed housing market. But a few feet away is the Southampton Inn an attractive, Tudor ... Read More »

Cats in the Garden in the Morning

Cats in the Garden In the slight cool thin morning breeze in my backyard garden The cats’ faces side by side One walking through ankle high plants in imitation of her long ago parents slouching through the jungle low and menacing toward unlucky Prey or hopefully a watering Hole The other big faced and bigger eyed taking in the warmth ... Read More »

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